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“Ayse is a force of nature, I have never seen anything like her”; Alan Tsang artist, BBC Big Painting Challenge Finalist
“I was in “the Room”, wild and human. Thank you”; a member of the Audience


Ayse was photographed and included by the legendary photographer Chris M Saunders for his exhibition, Shine A Light, as one of the leading underground avangarde artists based in the North at the Sensoria Festival 2019.

She graduated from Chemical Engineering, BS, University of Ankara and completed her masters degree, MBA in 2013, Yildiz Technical University Istanbul, Turkey. 


She moved to Sheffield, UK 2008-09 and started to focus on her art work in 2011.

She has worked in various mediums painting, video, photography, dance and performance in installations and on and off stage.

In 2015, She was commissioned by ArtsReach- Counterpoints Arts in “A Journey of UnBelonging”, multi-media performance piece, aimed at changing the public perception about what it means to be seeking sanctuary.

In 2017, “ The Room”, an audience participatory live performance piece, in 2019, with a short film, “Voice”, shevexpanded on these themes . The film became part of the official selection for the Oregon Film Festival.

In 2018, her "Landscape of Emotions" mix-media abstract painting was long listed by the Evening Standard.

Her visual and painting portfolio led her to exhibit work at places such as the Moscow Modern Art and the Royal Arts Prize.

In 2018, during her artist residency in Peru at the Rainforest expeditions, she  worked with natural soundscapes, rituals and developed an audio visual installations, “Spaces That Hold Memories”

During pandemic 2020, she closed her art studio and focus on developing words and music. 

In 2022, she developed her first monologue for stage, Canine Teeth,  supported by the Arts Council National Lottery and Film Fund (via Sensoria).

This followed by publishing her first poetry book "Come To Tower" and its spoken word+music version audio book with the same name accompanied by Ash Gray's guitar melodies.

Ayse is currently based in Sheffield, UK.

A powerful show about managing the expectations of being a woman.

One Woman Show In Theatres

Engaging and impactful 

Ayse uses satirical comedy and video projection and music to stimulate the commentary on gender politics and expectation of being a woman,  overlooked issues in personal, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics centred around women. 

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